Ships Posters or all eras and countries

In this section you will discover posters that are around on Internet since more than a decade. They are depicting fleets in their integrality, with class names, dates, sister-ships or numbers, and sometimes status (in construction, project, cancelled…). These fleets posters are to cover the cold war, WW1 and WW2. Alongside you will find also posters of individual ships, and of ancient ships. In this case, ancient antiquity, medieval, renaissance ships and soon, enlightenment era and XIXth Century. However from 1860 wait to see many new posters of the fleets pre-WW1 and Tsushima. Soon also to be found here, maps and infographics. Indeed since the 1990s many recaps of various fleets has been done and many new ones will follow.

I can provide true HD printing versions which can be .Tiff or .Bmp, converted to CMYK. Or you can purchase these on my online shop and RedBubble (More posters and more shops to come);

Featured: WW2 USN Brooklyn class cruisers

poster USN Brooklyn class cruisers

poster ww1 german cruisers

WW2 US Navy – ‘The Real Thing’

US Navy ww2 - Real thing
4 of July Poster ! The US Navy in WW2 – The real thing
A year of work later, the “real thing” version of the US Navy in WW2, to represent it in all its awesomeness, with each single ship. It’s an Herculean task and there is a long way forward, as many profiles needs to be made HD and then declined into a multitude of liveries and camouflages (when known).
At last it is nearly completed for the composition (less PT-Boats and Liberty-Ships), and reduced ten times as Facebook would not accept the original, which is 1/700 scale but 6 meters by 4.2 meters (19.6 feets x 13.7 feets), almost the size of boats many ships carried. Status! Work in progress. Not available for purchase right now.

ASW, misc. and mine warfare of the Royal Navy in WW1

ww1 ASW warfare
Anti-sub warfare, mine warfare, patrol ships and gunboats, WW1. The Royal Navy was not only about big guns battleships, cruisers and destroyers. The hundred of “flower” class ASW sloops notably, really made things difficult for German submarines during the first battle of the Atlantic. This poster could be available print-wise on demand.

IJN submarines poster

WW1 Royal Navy

This is litteraly the poster to rule them all. Long in the making, with about twenty new illustrations and painstaking research, this is the actual portrayal of each and every single ship, from the largest battlecruisers down to the small Coastal Motor Boats of the Royal Navy in WW1. An immediate sense of the industrial scale of it, from the 1880s to 1918. You can purchase the very large printed version (The original is 3.80 m, a wall!) and help support naval encyclopedia, just click on the poster.

Renaissance Ships
Renaissance ships posters

Chervona UkrainiaFusoKavkazww1 fleetsww2 fleets posterAncient shipsArmada ArgentinaRussian Navy ww1US Navy 1914German ww1 submarines Soviet navy Austro-Hungarian-Fleet ww2 Soviet Navyww2 MBK class gunboatsUSS FairfaxKaiserliches Marine Royal Navy 1914British Navy WW2 French Navy 1939US Navy 1941Regia Marina 1914Japanese Navy ww2Regia Marina 1941

Web posters (no print):

Featured: Turkish Fleet

Turkish Navy
Türk Donanmasi, the national Navy of Turkey in the interwar and ww2.

ww1 japanese NavyChilean Navy 1914Turkish Ottoman Navy 1914 Turkish Navy ww2Dutch Navy ww2Brazilian Navy ww2Soviet navyMSDF 1960Israeli FleetIrish NavyBelgian navyCold War soviet nuclear attack subs