Northampton class heavy cruisers (1929)

US Navy ww2 USA (1928-30)
USS Northampton, Augusta, Chicago, Houston, Chester, Louisville

Back to the drawing board

Basically engineers used the previous Pensacola class to start over on a more stable design
USS Northampton 1930

The class in brief

Succeeding the Pensacola, the Northampton improved many points. The very poor behavior at sea was compensated by a raised bow and forecastle, three triple turrets instead of ten in four mixed turrets, an increased width, and lowered superstructures. However, the speed remaining a priority, their armor was sufficient against the destroyers calibers, but apart from 6-in/152 mm shell protection, their subdivision, especially for diving shots, was insufficient. Their class was to include six units built at Newport News and the New York arsenal: Augusta, Chicago and Houston, Northampton, Chester and Louisville.

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USS Northampton August 1935


USS Chicago off New York City 31 May 1934

The class in action (general)

The war quickly imposed the adoption of a DCA more convincing than the single pieces of 127 mm and their carriages of 12.7 mm. One of their TLT tube benches was sacrificed for four 127 mm and 8 mm 12.7 mm pieces in double carriage. Their rear superstructure was remodeled (lower), and from 1943, a new drastic overhaul of the front superstructure, lowered and lightened, but armored. Subsequently, the survivors saw the replacement of their 12.7 mm by quadruple carriages of 40 mm and single 20 mm (in 1944, typically 20 mm and 13-20 of 20 mm Oerlikon). The Houston, Northampton and Chicago will be sunk around Guadalcanal, the Chester badly damaged, the other two will survive and leave the active lists in 1949.

USS Northampton

(Work in Progress…)

USS Augusta

USS Augusta off Portland Maine 9 May 1945
USS Augusta off Portland Maine 9 May 1945



Normandy landings 1944 Senior Officials onboard USS Augusta including General Omar Bradley

President Truman onboard USS Augusta attending Portdam conference 1945
President Truman onboard USS Augusta attending Portdam conference 1945

USS Chicago

USS Chicago stern in Brisbane 1930s

USS Houston

USS Houston off San Diego October 1935

USS Chester

USS Louisville

Caracteristics (en 1941)
Displacement: 9,006 tonnes, 11,420 tonnes
Dimensions: 182,96 x 20,14 x 5,9 m
Propulsion: 2 shafts, 4 Parsons Turbines, 4 WF boilers, 107 000 hp, 32,5 noeuds max.
Armour: Turrets 50-60 mm, belt 76 mm, CT, casemates 95-20 mm, decks 25 mm.
Armament: 9x 203 mm (8 in) (3×3), 8 x 127 mm (5 in), 8 x 12,7 mm HMG (cal.50), 2×3 TT 533 mm, 4 seaplanes.
Crew: 670 (1941), 850 (1944).

USS Northampton 1942
The USS Houston in March 1942, with a “navy blue” livery, not yet widespread (Author’s profile).

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