Oyodo (1943)

Japanese Navy Heavy Cruiser Oyodo

The last IJN cruiser

She was one of the last cruisers of the rising sun empire (the very last was a fourth 1944 Agano class cruiser). She was initially designed as a scouting cruiser on the same principle as the Tone, but lighter and easier to build, specifically to operate six Kawanishi E15K long-range seaplanes, with a 45-meter long catapult, to screen oceanic submarine fleets. She was equipped with 155 mm gun turrets landed from the cruiser Mogami whe she was rearmed with twin 8-in models, so she only aligned 6 guns, the rear deck being used by the aviation. However, at her completion in February 1943, the planned operations for the Japanese submersibles were very compromised at that point, and the planned seaplanes were still not operational. The admiralty preferred to fir the ship with a standard catapult and standard seaplanes. The large hangar was no longer used as she can only operate two aircraft.

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Due to her reduced military value, the Oyodo saw little fighting. Twelve ships of the same type were planned for the 1939 and 1942 plans, but none were built. IJN Oyodo received a steadily increasing AA and in 1945 she had 52 x 25 mm AA. She did not, however, stopped bombs of USN aircraft that blew her skyhigh it in the harbor of Kure on July 28, 1945. At the time she was one of the last survivors of the Imperial Navy. The particular configuration of the Oyodo inspired later Japanese helicopter missile destroyer.

IJN Oyodo
Author’s profile illustration Oyodo 1944


Displacement 8,164 t. standard -10 252 t. Full Load
Dimensions 192.10 m long, 16.60 m wide, 5.9 m draft
Machines 4 propellers, 4 turbines, 6 boilers, 110,000 hp.
Top speed 35 knots
Protection 50 to 25 mm
Armament 6 x 155 mm (2 × 3) guns, 8 x 100 mm (4 × 2) guns, 12 x 25 mm AA guns, 2 planes
Crew 600

Tone class cruisers (1937)
Katori class cruisers (1939)

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