Sendai class Cruisers (1923)

Japanese Navy Japan, 1923. Sendai, Jintsū, Naka, Kako, Ayase

The “four pipers” light cruisers

The four cruisers of the Sendai class were very close in their conception of the previous Nagara, but with larger dimensions, new machines increasing speed and adding a high chimney to their profile. The fourth cruiser of the class, the Kako, was wiped out because of the respect of tonnage imposed by the Washington Treaty.

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The three units received a catapult for a reconnaissance seaplane in 1929, and in 1943 they received a powerful DCA, their 76mm AA guns being replaced by 127mm pieces and reinforced with 44 25mm guns and 6mm guns. 13.2 mm heavy machine guns. They were all sunk by war, the Naka in February 1944 at the base of Truk, in the Carolinas, by squadrons of B25 “Gunship”, the Sendai, badly damaged during the Battle of the Bay of Empress Augusta, will be completed by American Avengers; and finally the Jintsu, participated in the battle of Kolombangara, and was destroyed by firing of American light cruisers of the Omaha class, as well as those of destroyers.



Displacement: 5,200 t. standard 7,100 t. Fully Loaded
Dimensions: 163 m long, 14,17 m large, 5 m de tirant d’eau
Propulsions: 2 propellers, 4 turbines, 12 boilers, 90 000 hp, 35,2 knots
Armour: 28 to 65 mm
Armament 7 x140 (7×1), 2 x76, 2 x13.2 mm AA, 8 x610 mm TTs (4×2), 1 seaplane, 80 mines
Crew: 450

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