Duilio class battleships

Italy (1937)
Battleships Caio Duilio, Andrea Doria

Cesare’s sister class: Caio Duilio

The Caio Duilio class differed from the Conte di Cavour on many points. Their silhouette in particular was very different, but their armament, dimensions and tonnage were quite similar. After an active career during the First World War, the two buildings were taken over for a major overhaul in 1937 and 1940. This redesign incorporated the experience of the reconstruction of the previous battleships but also the studies undertaken for the construction of the battleships Rapids of the Litorrio class. Their engine apparatus was completely modified, their artillery realized and provided with a greater range.

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Andrea Doria en route to Malta
Andrea Doria en route to Malta to surrender, September 1943

Andrea Doria en route to Malta
Andrea Doria en route to Malta to surrender, September 1943

Battleship Caio Diuilo en route to Malta to surrender, September 1943

The modification points are the same as those of the previous class, with less width and draft, but the main difference concerned secondary armaments:
-Four 135 mm triple turrets (front)
-10 anti-aircraft guns (individual) long range 90mm single mounts guns
-2 twin 37mm mounts, 2 single 20mm AA Breda
-Final tonnage 29,391 tonnes (Duilio) and 28,882 tonnes (Doria)

Back into service

Shortly after its entry into service, the Doria was struck by the torpedo of a swordfish in Taranto and immobilized for months. It was eventually bailed out and brought to Genoa for repairs in May 1941, but did not resume service in 1942 at the November 1943 armistice. It was modernized, received additional AA artillery and a radar and resumed service with the allies. With his sister ship, these two vessels remained in service as a training ship until 1949.

Caio Duilio, fleet flagship May 1947 – November 1949 at Taranto

Andrea Doria at sea in 1943

Various liveries of both battleships


Specs Conway’s all the world fighting ships 1922-1947.

Duilio specifications 1940

Dimensions186.9 x 29.2 x 8.6m
Displacement29,100 tonnes /29,400 tonnes FL
Propulsion2 screws, 2 reduction turbines, 8 Yarrow boilers, 90 000 hp
Speed27 knots (40 km/h; mph)
Range 6,700 nmi ()
Armament10x 355mm (2×2, 2×3), 12 x135mm (4×3), 10 x90mm AA, 12x 37mm, 15x 20mm Breda AA.
ArmorDecks 135-166 mm, barbettes 130-280mm, belt 130-250mm, blockhaus 250mm.

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