Cruiser La Tour d’Auvergne

France (1933)

La Tour d'Auvergne
The “Auvergne tower” formerly Pluto, May 1929.

A little apart, the cruiser Pluto was built as a training ship for the gunners and mine anchor. She was assigned to Toulon and also served to train the officers of the “Royal”. In September 1939, the Pluto, recently renamed “The Tower of Auvergne” was in Casablanca, preparing for a mission of mooring mines. During an unfortunate manipulation during the loading, one of them saw one of its ores crashing into the ship and jumped, causing the explosion of the ship and making hundreds of victims. The wreck was in such a state that it had to be blasted to disperse debris and clear the harbor.

Note: This is an introduction on the matter, a starter article. It will be extensively rewritten soon, with the carrer of each ship detailed, and posted on Facebook.

Displacement: 4,773 t. standard – 6,550 t. Full Load
Dimensions: 152 m long, 15.60 m wide, 5.20 m draft.
Propulsion: 2 propellers, 2 Breguet turbines, 4 reduced tube boilers, 57,000 hp. Maximum operational speed 30 knots.
Armour: none.
Armament: 4 pieces of 140 mm under masks, 2x37mm AA, 12×13,2 mm AA (3×4), 290 mines.
Crew: 424

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