Jeanne d’Arc (1930)


The fourth namesake School cruiser

4th generation of French training ships bearing this name, the “Jeanne” was a new light cruiser specifically designed for this purpose, with sufficient internal layout for many cadets. (156 student-sailors and 20 officer-instructors) Starts at Saint Nazaire in 1928, launched in 1930 and completed in 1931, this vessel was derived from the design of Duguay Trouin, but only had a speed of 25 knots. Its autonomy, on the other hand, was much more important.

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The “Jeanne” in action

In May 1940, this ship was in Brest, and rushed for Martinique. Declared neutral, then officially under the control of Vichy, the ship remained immobilized until June 1943. At that time, the US command accepted its transfer to the FNFL. A major modernization was undertaken in the USA. The ship lost its catapult, its torpedo tubes, and received American standard AAA, with two 40 mm quadruple lugs and 20 single 20 mm carriages, plus a radar. Its main campaign was conducted in Italy, protecting the convoys and supporting its troops on the ground. His career continued long after the war, replaced by the helicopter carrier of the same name. She joined the torches for the demolition in 1966.


Displacement: 6,500 t. standard -8,950 t. Full Load
Dimensions: 170 m long, 17.70 m wide, 6.4 m draft.
Propulsion: 2 propellers, 2 Parsons turbines, 4 penhöet boilers, 32,500 hp. Maximum speed 24 knots.
Armour: 20 mm belt, 15 mm anti-torpedo partitions, 20 bridge, 26 mm turrets, 25 mm bunker.
Armament: 8 pieces of 155 mm (model 1920), 4×75 mm AA, 4x37mm AA (2×2), 12×13.2 mm AA (6×2), 4×3 TLT 550 mm, (later) 2 seaplanes Lgl-32.
Crew: 500 + 176 cadets

Jeanne d’Arc 1940

Cruiser La Tour d'Auvergne (1933)
Bretagne class Dreadnought Battleships (1914)

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