Spanish Navy WWI

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The Armada Española or Spanish Navy in WW1 was still reeling from its crushing defeats of 1898 and politic turmoil of the beginning of the century. However with modern cruisers and especially dreadnoughts, submarines (Monturiol, Peral), Spain achieved some great potential in 1914.
On this article we see in introduction the Armada from its peak during the XVI-XVIIth Centuries to its ultimate fall after the 1898 USS Spanish-American war, and renaissance in 1908, prior the great war, but also its current state in 1860 and 1874.
Next time this will be about the completion of the wartime plan in the early interwar, the spanish cvil war and fleets and operations from both sides, all the ships in detail, the naval plans, paper projects, and the Armada during WW2.

The Armada Española in WW1

The Danish Navy in WW1

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