Agordat class cruisers (1899)

Italy – Regia Marina

The first ‘Esploratori’

The Agordat and Coatit were started at Castellamare in 1897 and designed by Nabor Soliani as “scouts” – (esploratori). Launched in 1899 and commissioned in 1900, they differed in the height of their chimneys, those of Agordat being two meters higher. They also had two masts originally, but in 1910 the front mast was removed.

Agordat as built in 1890

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Both ships served as reconnaissance vessels in 1914-18, which were not satisfactory because of their relatively low speed and range. In 1919, the Coatit was rearmed with 2 x 120 mm and classified as a minesweeper while the Agordat was rearmed with the same way with in addition 8 x 76 mm and classified in 1921 as gunboat. Both were reformed in 1920 and 1923.

Coatit after reconstruction during ww1

Displacement: 1340t, 1292t. FL
Dimensions: 91.6 x 9.32 x 3.6 m
Propulsion: 2 shafts TE, 8 boilers Blechynden, 8300 hp. 23 knots max.
protection: Bridge 19 mm
Crew: 185
Armament: 12 x 76 mm, 2 x 450 mm TTs.

Agordat – author’s illustration

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