The Israeli Navy

Born from a small core of ships and boats gathered in the 1948 war, the Israeli Navy (חיל הים הישראלי‎) Ḥeil HaYam HaYisraeli, is now one of the strongest and most capable navies of the Middle East. It came from a long transition from ex-British, ex-American ships to custom-built ships, often on German design, to the navy we know today. With local industries like IAI (missiles), Elbit (Electronic systems) ensuring autonomy, more capable ships, like the famous Sa’ar missile fast attack crafts were built, making a gradual transition to corvette-size ships, and up to the actual Eilat class stealth corvettes. They are using a custom version of the same AEGIS system carried by the Arleigh Burke class. Now they are going to be backed by brand new (unammed) 2000 tonnes corvettes in completion in Germany. The Israli Navy in Operations saw the first sinking of a destroyer (Eilat at Port Said) in an (Egyptian) missile FAC attack in 1967, to the full-scale missile battle between Israeli and Syro-egyptian soviet-built FACs, where the Gabriel antiship missile made its groundbreaking appearance. This is the first part of a two-fold post about the Israeli Navy.

SAAR 5 Corvette
SAAR 5 corvette

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