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The Italian cold war navy

Part of the cold war section, a new page is launched this month, about the Marina Militare. New regime, new era, the Italian Republic, postwar Navy was built with bits of surviving ships from the Regia Marina, with series of MDAP transfers from the US and Royal Navies. Via the Marshall plan also, the Italian naval industry was able to raise from its cenders, with in time, world conglomerates like OTO-Melara or Selenia. Shipyards were also subsidized for export and part of the Italian arsenal was widely exported, from the 76 mm fast gun to the Otomat anti-ship missile, and doing well on the export market for electronic as well.

The Marina Militare was also able to successfully modernise and completely rebuilt four cruisers in the course of 15 years, jumping on the bandwagon of missile ships quite early. Meanwhile, was what necessary for the Italian economy to grow was there, and resurfaced on the navy budget, with a considerable numbers of specialized frigates an corvettes, and a more reasonable ten attack submarines.

Superb color photo of the Andrea Doria, one of the most emblematic class of cold war cruisers in the Mediterranean. Src: Unknown. Retreived by Denis Fillon on dennilfloss.blogspot.com

The Italian cold war navy was perhaps the only one in Europe, and Japan, to focus on helicopter cruisers, with three interesting ships and a near-aircraft carrier operating the ubiquitous Harrier. With growing ambitions of the Soviets in the Mediterranean from the Black sea, Italy came at the forefront of NATO’s defence in the adriatic (facing the bulgarian and yugoslav fleets) and the central Mediterranean. A task which was shared by France, with which numerous common programs took hold in the 2000s, such as the large, versatile stealth frigates Orrizonte (FREMM).

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