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Our last Asian belligerent of WW2, siding for a time on the axis, at war with France, then occupied by the Japanese. This is the story of the Kingdom of Siam, later renamed Thailand. In the 1930s the fleet was reborn in a massive naval plans, purchasing ships in Italy and Japan, including impressive armoured coast guards with heavy cruiser guns. The 1935 program also included two light cruisers, HTMS Taksin and Naresuan ordered in Italy, and requisitioned in 1940, but never completed (they would have been renamed Etna and Vesuvio).
An invasion of Indochina was launched to recover former territories in Laos and Cambodia against a weakened Vichy France, in which context happen the battle of Koh Chang in January 1941. This page is going through the context of this era and portrays a complete overview of the Thai Navy, by ships classes.

HTMS Sukhothai

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