[New Page] The Royal Norwegian Navy in WW2

After covering the Royal Norwegian Navy in WW1, which stayed neutral despite taking many losses from German submarine warfare, Norway came at the forefront of the war in April-May 1940. Pitted against an all-out onslaught from the Kriegsmarine, and having nothing more than obsolete coastal battleships and torpedo boats, and several coastal fortifications it performed surprisingly well in some areas, sinking two German cruisers. Many ships however which were not captured or scuttled fled to UK and there, with the government in exile, was reconstructed a Free Norwegian Navy embedded with the British Royal Navy, and equipped by the allies with destroyers and many patrol crafts.

Royal Norwegian Navy Poster
Poster showing the Norwegian Navy in April 1940 and until 1945 (Free Norwegian Navy). Notice the missing ships were the nuumerous auxiliary trawlers, freighters, or whalers used for patrol or minesweeping duties in April 1940.

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