[New Page] The Royal New Zealand Navy in WW2

This is a complete history of the RNZN -Royal New Zealand Navy- until 1945. This modest naval force, created in 1945 as fully independent, first operated within the USN 7th Task Force, with battle records including the whole Guadalcanal campaign, and started before that at the Rio de la Plata against the Graf Spee with HMS Achilles. The commonwealth underdog started with a small colonial fleet in the XIXth Century, Australasian Auxiliary Squadron, blooded in the long Maori war, the government funding of the HMS New Zealand, and in 1913 the creation of the New Zealand Naval Forces. HMS Philomel notably soldiered in the Pacific from the Samoa to Australia and the Red sea. In 1921 was created the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy which rapidly grew with many more ships. A complete story to discover here.

HMZNS Gambia 1945
HMZNS Gambia 1945

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