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Newsreels and also cold war NATO naval forces assessment both led to an obvious choice: Covering the Turkish Navy.
A moderately important green water navy in WW2, the Turkish Navy became an important strategic sector for NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to face USSR an its satellites. Therefore, USA provided a financial help for the latter to acquire dozens of destroyers, until the local shipbuilding industry could take over, with yards such as Gölcük, and Taskizak NyD in Istanbul. Transfers until the late 1980s concerned USN destroyers, including modernized FRAM I and II missile destroyers, making the Turkish Navy one of the most potent destroyer force in the Mediterranean. It was completed by dozens of Balao-class GUPPY I, II and III types, until in the late 1980s Turkey started to turn on German Frigates and submarines. Since the end of the cold war, the Turkish Navy gradually is making a new fleet of domestic built ships and submarines, scaling up its capabilities with vessels such as the TF2000 Frigates of the MILGEM program and the ambitious Anadolu class LHD, assault helicopter carriers.

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