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Naval Warfare History
Ships that never were
Naval Analyses Blog – Spec Ops boats and subs About Spec Ops ships and submarines
Kaidai type sublarines (wikipedia)
Ships of the world Mag (Jap)
Naval Warfare article -1914-18 encyclopedia
Wikipedia – ww1 naval warfare
Naval Air Warfare (first
The war at sea
World’s naval archives
Naval Weapons
Old Salt Blog
Archives (Fr)
Archives (fr)
Same on a canadian website (fr)
Navy Wings

Naval Forums (fr)

Naval Games

Naval News

Royal Navy News
Naval Today
USNI news
NOSI – Naval Intel
Naval Recoignition
Warships IFR
Navy News – Digital Edition
Dolphin News
Russian Navy Forum
Naval Defence News India
Defense News
SPS Naval Forces
Navy News Defence Talks
World’s fleets register
Marine Log

Official sites and organizations

US Dept of Navy CIO
Center for International Maritime Security
Navy Cyberspace
Royal Navy
US Navy
Nigerian Navy
NZ Navy
Sri Lanka Navy
Naval Assoc. Australia
Pakistan Navy

The Washington Treaty was arguably the most important naval disarmament treaty ever (1922)

Upcoming naval conferences & trade shows
UDT Global – Undersea defence Tech
IMDS 2017
MAST Conference
SMTC Singapore
Naval Engineers 2017
Underwater defence secu expo 2017
Dimdex 2017
Navdex 2017
Imdex Asia 2017
sea airspace

Ain’t this Amazing ? Battleship Giulio Cesare in rough sea, 100 years old colorized photo.


Amazing digitally colorized warships photos by Hirootoko Jr.
wikipedia vintage HD warships pics

Plans and resources for modellers

National maritime Museum Collections, 8593 plans
Swedish Naval Plans, including Chapman – SHM


Camouflaged Ships: An Illustrated History

Naval Camouflage

The Illustrated London News article – The ship modelling site forum
Dazzle camo (wikipedia)
Some refs on Mashable
German naval camouflage book
Seaforth Publishing
Dazzle references
Article on
Fletcher class destroyer camouflage
Camo hms Perth
Refs – White ensign model
Ships camouflage – wikipedia
WW2 USN camouflage measures
Naval camo refs on Pinterest
Japanese references (wikipeia)
Camoupedia blogspot)
Article on the Smithonian
Taringa- About Russian and Soviet subs

The Civilian side of things

News Feed Fr ships plans

Ships models

Pinterest Page

The ship model kits corner

Novo kit British cold war frigate

Ships comes in 1/72, 1/96, 1/144, 1/200, 1/350, 1/400 1/450, 1/600, and 1/700 scale, although small scales has been produced, at 1/1200 or 1/1250, even 1/3000 models for wargaming or toys.
Models of warships by Airfix Ship model kits by Airfix
Heller ships models Ship model kits by Heller
Ark models ships
Ship model kits by Italeri
Hasegawa ships model kits Ship model kits by Hasegawa
Matchbox model kits Ship model kits by Matchbox
Ship model kits by Revell
Ship model kits by Tamiya
And also: Academy

AFV club also manufactured a serie of 1/350 submarines, and two USN frigates. AMG models manufactured two soviet motor boats (>). Eastern Express did a few ships like the HMS Tiger (>). Fascinations manufactured a few ships and subs in metal. Hobby Boss also manufactured a serie of ships (like this interesting and rare USS heavy cruiser Hawaii French Strasbourg and Condorcet, Nelson, Mikasa, Type 039G Song Class SSG – unfortunately many are out of stock). Trumpeter, the famous Chinese manufacturer also made a sizeable serie of ships models. See also > (Both websites are out of reach). Also ICM made a few ships like the german ww1 BB Kronprinz wilhelm, König, U-Boat Type IIB, Type XXIII Elektroboote, Type XXVII “Seehund”. MENG also provided a few ww2 battleships such as the Bismarck and Missouri. Modelist made also a few models such as sailing ships and an interesting trireme, OREL made the Petropavlovsk, Torpedo boat D-3 and many other Russian/soviet models. Mister Craft, better known for planes, made at least the Santa Maria, HMS Sikh and Eskimo or Hero. S-model made a few rare ships, the Imperial Chinese Navy Tsi Yuen, Ting Yuen and Ching Yuen 1894. Zvezda of course also made some ships, Russians like the BB Sevastopol, Hood, Bismarck, Titanic, Yamato, Essex, Kirov, Suvorov, Varyag, Kursk, and some sailships.

Ships models retailers:

From the full manufacturers list
Ships model kits Monogram Revell

Printable 3d ships models:


Missile launch onboard USS Chaffee DDG90 (AEGIS type Arleigh Burke class destroyer), RIMPAC 2012.


Video: Razzle Dazzle

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