Sovremennyy class destroyers (1978)

21 destroyers

The Sovremennyy missile Destroyers (Project 956, Sarych) were designed as substitutes for the Kotlin, and despite the cruiser dimensions and construction in the Kresta shipyards, were class ED by the Russians (Destroyer missile launcher). Some sources, in fact, are classified as cruisers, but that would be to think that the construction of destroyers in the USSR stopped with the last Kashin in 1973. The problem is the same with the Udaloys. They are ships which by their names bear the names of destroyers, and not famous persons and great admirals or marshals. Finally, they correspond in spirit to the new standards in the field also developed by the Americans with Spruance and Ticonderoga.

Note: This is an introduction on the matter, a starter article. It will be extensively rewritten soon, with the carrer of each ship detailed, and posted on Facebook.

The Sovremennyy were all built in Zhdanov, as soon as the holds were released in 1976 by Yumashev (Kresta II). They had the same hull and identical thrusters. They were then classified as ASM buildings. The design office (TTZ) that worked on the project in 1970-71 defines a 5,000-ton ship armed with a single AA gun, AA SA-N-4 missiles and ASM missiles in ramps, capable if necessary. to carry out fire support operations associated with the Ivan Rogovs with their 130mm guns capable of coastal bombardment. But the project was again reworked and following budgetary restrictions, leaned towards a frankly multirole large-series vessel, of the “AEGIS” type, as in the US Navy. They had to be complementary to Udaloy ASM.

The fact is that until 1990, there were 12 units built, plus one that was never completed and another one that year 1990. There will be still others: 6 units in 1991-97, but both last, Vazhnyy and Nevskiy were unfinished for years before finding acquirer (China) in 2000. A total of 17 class cat destroyers are active in the four fleets. It is not impossible that others will be sold abroad (Project 956E), India for example, or North Korea.

Sovremenny class destroyers illustration by David Bocquelet


Displacement: 6200t,7800t FL
Dimensions: 156 x 17,3 x 6,5 m
Propulsion: 2 propellers, 2 turbines DGC, 4 HP boilers, 100 000 hp, 35 knots max.
Crew: 380
Electronics: Top Steer, 3 Palm Front, 6 Front Dome, 1 Kite Screech, 2 Bass Tilt. Sonar LF, 8 CME Bell, 2 LL.
Armament: 8 SSN-22 (2×4), 8 LM SAN-7 (48), 4 canons de 130 mm (2×2), 4 TLT 533 mm (2×2), 4 de 30 mm Gatliing AM, 2 LR ASM RBU 1000 (12), 1 hélico ASM Kamov Ka-27 Helix.

Kusnetsov class aircraft carriers (1985-88)
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