Quebec class submarines (1950)

30 submarines (1950-54)

Preserved M-296

Note: This is an introduction on the matter, a starter article. It will be extensively rewritten soon, with the carrer of each ship detailed, and posted on Facebook.

These 30 conventional attack submarines (project 615) were users of the closed Kreislauf power system, recovered from the archives of the Third Reich and produced by the expertise of German engineers courted in Russia in 1946.

This system was based on the use of liquid oxygen pressurized, decomposed and stored on board. It allowed long dives, interesting speeds, and above all had the merit of being more stable than the Walter method. This last place gave rise to a single submarine, the S-99 called “Whale” by NATO, which made many dives and finally exploded and sank during a test.

Quebec Quebec had the enormous disadvantage of not having to move far away from a port in order to get supplies of liquid oxygen. Moreover, their reliable dimensions made them semi-coastal units.

Designed by the TsKB18 under the patronage of Kassatier. These units gave relatively good satisfaction, but their speed and autonomy condemned them to the speedy researches in the field of nuclear propulsion. As a result, these units entered service at a time when they were already out of date, and the project went no further.

Quebec will remain in service until the 80s, but many were victims of serious accidents, explosions and fires: The closed circuit system called “Kreislauf”, experienced by the Germans in 1945 was far from reliable


Displacement: 1330-1700 tons Surface/dive
Dimensions: 77 x 6,7 x 4,9 m
Propulsion: 3 shafts, 2 diesels, 1 Kreislauf 6900 hp system et 18/16 knots Surface/dive 200 m max
Crew: 30
Armement: 4 TLT 533 mm proue (12 torpilles), 2 x 25 mm AA.
Electronics: Radar Snoop Plate, Sonar Tamir, antenne passive Feniks.

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