Krupny class Destroyers (1959)

9 destroyers

The Krupny, Project 57B, were new destroyers, issued from Kotlin standards but equipped with missile launchers. They were among the first of this type in the world, defined as early as 1955, and later modified until 1958, when the first was built. The hull was that of the enlarged Kotlin, but with special NBC treatment. Their main difference was in their armament, a dual anti-ship missile launcher with 12 vectors in reserve, KSShch (SS-N-1), which was quickly disappointing. They also boarded a Kamov Ka-15 “Hen” observation helicopter on their backcourt, but without a hangar to house it. The ASM torpedo tubes were triple and carried to the sides.

Note: This is an introduction on the matter, a starter article. It will be extensively rewritten soon, with the carrer of each ship detailed, and posted on Facebook.

As early as 1965, there was talk of modifying them into ASM destroyers (“Kanin” conversions). In this new configuration, they received a new fivefold bench of ASM tubes in central position (57PLO project), with also 2 ASM RBU 6000 rocket launcher with 213 vectors in reserve, a Ka-25PLO helicopter with three AT-1 acoustic torpedoes or 12, 24 or 144 ASM PLAB grenades of different types, capable of implementing 72 standard buoys, and 30 radar and marker relays. These Kanins also had a SA-N-1 dual missile launching ramp with 32 vectors in reserve, in place of their SS-N-1 missiles. These modifications also extended to propulsion with new, more powerful diesels, the hull modified to improve its acoustics, lengthened to 140 meters, the displacement passing to 3700 standard tons and 4500 tons PC.


These 8 Kanin, formerly Krupny, launched in 1959-61, completed in 1960-61 and modified in 1956-67, were still in service in 1987. This year, the first two were withdrawn from service, followed by two others. in 1988, the remaining four were active in 1990. That same year, one of them was removed from the lists, followed by one in 1991 and the last two in 1993.

Krup^ny class
Author’s Krupny Class Illustration


Displacement: 3500-4192t FL
Dimensions: 139 x 14.84 x 4.20 m
Propulsion: 2 propellers, 2 turbines, 4 heaters, 72,000 hp. and 34.5 knots max.
Crew: 310 Electronics Head Net Radars, Zalph Schch Fire Control, Neptun Navigation System, Sonar Pegas-2b.
Armament: 2 LM SSN1 (16), 16 of 45 (4×4), 6 TLT 533 mm ASM (2×5), 2 LR RBU2500 (128).

Chapayev class cruisers
Kotlin class destroyers (1958)

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