Kotlin class destroyers (1958)

25 destroyers

The Kotlin (project 56) are the first “true” Soviet post-war destroyers if we consider the Skoriy as a continuation of Ognevoi and pre-war design. The Kotlin had as prototypes the Neutrashimyy (or Tallinn, project 41-1951), improved “flush-deck” variation of the Skoriy. A 1951 specification reported an improved version of type 41.

Destroyer Spokoynyy – Soviet Kotlin class

The first measure was to reduce the excessive displacement of the first one, in order to improve the speed, from 36 to 39 knots, even if it meant sacrificing some autonomy. by reducing the tanks. They are also new lighter torpedo tubes and new 45 mm AA guns.

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100 copies were planned for the program, but in fact it was stopped on the 27th copy in October 1955. The next project on the same basis was the Kildin (1955, project 56M). The Kotlin plans were modified before the launch of the shipyards: In particular, the hull was reduced, with the same engine as the Tallinn, the bow raised, a hull partly built of aluminum and magnesium, and more modern machines giving them 72,000 hp instead of 66,000.

Vyderzhannyy 1973
Vyderzhannyy underway circa 1973

From the start, they were fitted with rudder stabilizers, the propellers passing from three to four blades. All these modifications contributed, in the opinion of all the Russian sailors, to excellent destroyers, which also explains their longevity in service (1987-1990 for the most part).

They were stable, “dry” because of their high bow, light, very fast (up to 42.9 knots in tests), kept very high speeds until the end of this service. In 1958, 12 units were modified as ASM conversions: Removal of their rear TLT bench, and their deep-loads and launchers, mounts two rocket launchers type RBU2500 and two type RBU 600, the modified torpedo tubes to launch models of guided ASM torpedoes.

Destroyer Prozorlivyy, 1942

In 1959, the Bravyy was modified to receive a SA-N-1 missile launcher, which it tested until 1963, followed by 8 similar upgrades in 1969-71. In the end, there remained 7 units unchanged, with only three of them equipped with helicopter platforms at the rear.

The Kotlin units and their modified versions ASM and AA, were withdrawn from service just before 1990 (1985-89) for 21 of them, there were still 4 in 1990, retired from service two years later. Currently, these ships and the Kildins no longer exist.

Kildin class, Neuvolimyy off Morocco January 1970

Kotlin class
Author’s illustration – Kotlin class


Displacement: 2660-3230t FL
Dimensions: 126,1 x 12,70 x 4,19 m
Propulsion: 2 shafts, 2 turbines, 72,000 hp, 38 knots
Crew: 284
Electronics: Radars Fut-N, Ryf, Sonar Pegas-2b.
Armament: 4 x 130 (2×2), 16 x 45 (8×2), 10 x 533 mm (2×5) TTs, 6 ASW DCT, 2 racks, 48 ASW grenades, 50 mines.

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