Nimitz Class Fleet Aircraft Carriers (1972)

US Navy FlagNuclear-powered Fleet Aircraft carriers

These nuclear-powered wing carriers now form the backbone of US Navy. In 1990, at the time of the fall of the USSR, she aligned five, USS Nimitz, Dwight D Eisenhower, Carl Vinson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Three more were under construction, five more will be built in total. Five years had passed since the USS Enterprise, the first nuclear aircraft carrier, was commissioned when it was decided in 1968 to start work on the first of this new series, based on Enterprise and a couple new A4W reactors that are much more compact. As a result, these shorter, larger and heavier buildings were also more spacious and incorporated effective ASM protection modeled on that of the USS Kennedy. Renouncing the solid radome of the fixed antenna SPS-32/33, they preferred the mobile antennas SPS-43A and 48. Their aerial complement was also 90 devices, and their configuration of catapults, landing gear and lifts remained classic . Their close defense against planes is provided by Sea Sparrow launchers.

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Their armor was reinforced by kevlar in many places, the Navy attesting that they were able to survive damages three times higher than those cashed by aircraft carriers of the Essex class in 1944-45. Their fuel was also much higher and these vessels were equipped with the ASCAC ASAC control coordination system. From Roosevelt, the armor and the protection were reinforced, to the detriment of the transport of fuel. These aircraft carriers, including the latest, USS xxx, succeeding the John C Stennis, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan, were completed in 1998, are currently deployed in all sensitive areas assigned by the US government. They traditionally form the armed arm of Washington. Since the early 2000s; several projects are being studied for the replacement of the old Forrestal and Kitty Hawk by smaller buildings, and the studies take into account the observation of the last aircraft carriers built in Europe, such as the French Charles de Gaulle, but also the CVF Franco-British draft, as well as even smaller vessels of the type of the Principle of Asturias.

Nimitz class USS Lincoln
Author’s illustration of USS Lincoln


Displacement: 74,000t standard, 92,000t FL;
Dimensions: 331.7 x 78.5 (MF 40.8) x 11.5 m.
Propulsion: 4 propellers, 4 HP turbines, 2 A4W reactors, 260,000 hp and 32 knots.
Crew: 5620 and over
Sensors: Radar SPS-43A, SPS-48.
Armament: 3×8 Sea Sparrow AA (24v), 3-4 x 20mm Vulcan-Phalanx CIWS AM, 90 aircraft.

Forrestal class Aircraft Carriers

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