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The Swedish Navy. Although neutral in WW2, Sweden was the last and only Scandinavian country to escape war during WW2 in Europe. Indeed, Norway was occupied by the Germans in April 1940 after a fierce battle in which the allies were fully committed, loosing many ships in the process, whereas Finland fought the winter war against USSR, and Denmark was invaded and occupied in a single day in April 1940. But was this neutrality solid ?

We can say now, as more than 75 years has passed, that indeed, it was solid.
Sweden has certainly one of the largest “green water” navies in Europe (Spain and the Low Countries had a “blue water” navy), capitalizing on many coastal battleships, cruisers, destroyers and submarines, dozens of specialized ships to enforce it. It was clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Despite sollicitation from Germany and the allies to join the war on their side, Sweden remained defiant, but had the means to do so. Better still, naval construction went on unabashed during the war years, with two modern cruisers laid down in 1943 (re Kronor class), destroyers, submersibles, motor torpedo boats and minelayers/minesweepers as well. Fortifications also multiplied, especially on the long coastal area bordering the gulf of Bothnia.

So we invite you to discover its assets and history:

Note: This is NOT the last of the great navies of WW2, we also have to treat to battle-hardened veteran navies, the RAN and RNZN… Coming up next !