Armada de la Republica Argentina

Possibly the largest navy outside the US Navy in the American continent, the Armada de la Republica Argentina (ARA) was built through its rivalty with Brazil and Chile, which started at the beginning of the century with a famous “dreadnought race”. The Argentinians in fact replicated to the Brazilian British-built Minas Gerais class by ordering the Rivadvia class in the US. The Rivadavia and Moreno were indeed formidable battleships even on American -and world standards-, with a battery of twelve 12 inch (305 mm)/50 guns. They complemented well an ageing fleet with many cruisers dating back from the 1880-89s. At the eve of WW2 the Argentine Navy has been rebuit with many new and valuable ships, more than Brazil or Chile in that matter. Some were quite interesting like the Italian-built Veinteicinco de Mayo class, mid-way between heavy and light cruisers, ot the British-built La Argentina. This was complemented by a powerful force of destroyers built in Spain and the UK and submarines. Although Argentina remained neutral until 1945 when war was declared to Germany, the fleet took little or no part in the operations. However during the war, many Argentians choosed to serve with the Royal Navy. Most of the ships described here were still active in 1960. However the 1970s saw a flurry of replacements and modernizations, to reach the Armada we know during the Falklands war.
The page is accompanied by a “real thing” poster showing the integrality of the Argentinian Armada, on the ship-by-ship basis:

Armada Argentina

The Finnish Navy in WW2

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