The Danish Navy in WW1

The Danes mustered a small but coherent fleet in WW1, fit to enforce neutrality and sovereignty over not only the territory, much reduced since the war of 1864 and therefore imposing severe budgetary constraints but also over overseas territories of the Faeroe islands, Greeland and Iceland or the far away Danish West east Indies (three Carribbean islands later transferred to the US Government). The fleet was spread between organic forces comprising each a coast defence battleship, a cruiser, several torpedo boats submarines and a minelayer which protected the “small belt”, a narrow body of water between the German Empire and Denmark and the “great belt” and the strategic Sound, the critical passage between the baltic and the North sea. Several minefields were laid and Denmark was never invaded. Copenhagen own defenses comprised coastal batteries and a squadron of capable TBs. The force overall was reduced but modern, ships older than 1880 were often scrapped or retired and the crew were well trained. A new page which also comprises operations, a complete overview of all ships, from the Niels Juel to small gunboats, an introduction from the 1860s and an overview of Danish ironclads.

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