Peruvian Navy WW1 [New Page]

Last of the four major South American Navies (Argentina, Chile and Brazil being the “naval giants”), Peru made a Spartan fight back in the late 1870s, having one of the rare monitors in action, Atahualpa and the legendary Ironclad Huáscar. This will go into a later post, as well as the sole Peruvian early submarine, a story for a later day. Here and now, we focus on the Peruvian Navy in WW1.
Small yet coherent, this navy was modernized in 1906-1914 with the arrival of two cruisers, two submarines and one destroyer, added to the gunboats already in service.

The cruisers in particular were of the Almirante Grau class, British-built, armed with a mix of 6 in, 3 in and 3 pdr guns. Most remarkably, these 1906 ships served up to 1958, long after all these pre-ww1 generation cruisers. They were replaced by ex-Dutch cruisers (and last conventional cruisers), with the same name in 1973 (De Zeven Provinciën-class). The Navy could have been reinforced by the armoured cruiser Dupyu de Lôme, but it was never to be. The two submarines and one destroyers were also French-built.

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