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French Cruiser Gloire with its legendary razzle dazzle camouflage, 1944

Montcalm, French light Cruiser of La Galissoniere class, 1944


Hi, i’m David Bocquelet, creator of tanks-encyclopedia.com.
-You ask: Ok after tanks, these guys are tackling planes (plane-encyclopedia.com) and now ships, remember something ?

-Well, first, the idea of making websites from related center of interest and formula make sense to us, since we are all more or less also interested in various degree in this hardware and especially WW2. But beyond that personally i always had a passion for warships, in fact dating back from college when i used to purchase books and turn out scratch-built rare (not found in retail), highly detailed 1/700th scale waterline models on dioramas. Unfortunately this fragile collection never survived life and relocations. 2d illustrations however survived, and made their way from the scanner into this website . By the way, the original content contact is there, and helped this ww2 website to grow as well.

Naval Encyclopedia content was originally written in an other language, and the archive could be seen there. Plans now calls for a translation of this material, and completion (mostly of the cold war and modern sections). All help is welcome in this matter.

The new version of Naval Encyclopedia has been launched in may 2016, focusing on the Bismarck may 1941 battle at sea, and now the battle of Jutland (centenary). The Vocation of the website is the same as Tanks Encyclopedia, providing an exhaustive, relevant and reliable battleships database from the XXth century (the 1st world war, ww2, the cold war and modern times) treating also little-known and little-seen navies and small warships, along with naval battles, biographic posts, tech, or tactical evolution. Aside internet the main source is the excellent and trusted Conway’s all the world Fighting Ships serie of four books covering 1860 to 1995.

Duke of Wellington

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