Romanian Navy in WW2

Although modest, the Romanian Navy was the only significant naval force in the black sea for the duration of the eastern campaign, registering successes against superior Soviet Forces while having only one minor loss, and playing a major role in many combined operations.
Here is a full overview of the Navy, from its origins in the XIXth Century funded by Alexandru Ioan Cuza, through the Russo-Turkish 1877 war and independance, reforms, 1905 Potemkine’s mutiny, the Great war, Interwar modernization and naval plans, until the notable force concentrated on the Danube and the Black sea, several destroyers, TBs and submarines-strong. Following by a full overview of Romanian naval assets and naval operations, Operation München, the siege of Odessa, the Crimean Campaign, Operation Achse, and successful 1944 Crimean evacuation. This part I will be followed by an overview of ships types, down to the smallest MTB: Read More

The Interwar Chinese Navy (1930s)
Chinese Aircraft Carrier 001A

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