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The 1898 War

Battle of Manila Bay (June, 6, 1898)

Weekly update! First naval battle of the 1898 war, Dewey’s surprise raid on Manila utterly destroyed admiral Montojo squadron almost without losses (one fatality -heart attack because of the heat, a few injuries) secure the Philippines for the USA and all but ended the Spanish presence in Asia, dating back to the XVth century. An epic story full of anecdotes* on a not so-well known naval battle before ww1.
*Like the whole squadron retiring in mid-battle for breakfast !

An article from, part of three, also counting the coming battle of Santiago de Cuba next saturday.

He who controls the sea controls everything (Themistocles)

world war one tanks

World War One (1914-1918)

Who says the Great War was exclusively about trench warfare ? Ships did played a crucial part in the hostilities worldwide, participating in various events like the raid on Zeebruge, battle of Jutland, Helgoland, Dogger Bank, the Dardanelles landings, and first battle of the Atlantic, seeing U-Boats unleashed for the first time, sinking any ship on sight and turning the USA into the war.

world war two tanks

World War Two (1939-1945)

This six-year long conflict saw major struggles opposing the Royal Navy and US Navy both on the seven seas to the Axis fleets, Italians in the Mediterranean, Germans from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, and the Mighty Japanese (3rd world’s naval power) in the Pacific. Hundreds of ships built and sunk, ruling the waves on an immense theater of operations.

Cold war tanks

The Cold War (1947-90)

Both the USSR and USA superpowers boasted gigantic fleets, deploying their might in the Oceans, dissuading one another with ever-increasing and lethal sub warfare, playing a dangerous cat-and-mouse game that led to unsung heroes and tragedies. From the Suez intervention to the Falklands, half a century of naval warfare which saw the transition from the gun to the missile.

Modern tanks

A step into the future.

Since the end of the cold war, Navies of the world experienced a shuffle in world tonnage, with the emergence of China as a new naval superpower, followed by India, the US Fleet barely competing, while Russia and the Europeans struggling with budget cuts receded far below. This was also the digital age, with automation, stealthiness, better performances and versatility.

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Liners in battle dress !

Remember, that was the blue ribbon stars of the Atlantic, rivaling in speed and luxury, well before the jets appeared and the cruise industry began. When this was the only way to go to America or Europe, with style… But guess what: In times of war many of these liners took the military livery, some as auxiliary cruisers, others as hospital ships, or troop transports… Many also displayed impressively complex/artistic razzle dazzle camouflages, worthy of an art gallery.

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